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Catheter fixation device with padded PSA foam pad with hypoallergenic Medical Glue and Velcro fastener for all 9 x 3.5cm devices. With breathable polyurethane pad to allow oxygen and skin vapor exchange, transparent, semi-permeable, for long-term use, 10 x 12cm, 120g / m2, 25μm. In a single sterile package containing the entire kit.


Specially designed to:

• Minimizes the complications associated with securing catheters with sutures.

• Maximizes comfort for the patient due to lack of fixation sutures.

• Reduces catheter movement and minimizes the possibility of displacement.

• Protects nursing staff from the possibility of suture needle injury when attaching the catheter.

• Transparent membrane pads are designed to protect the skin and wound areas.

• The shape of the frame allows the shape and size to be adjusted to fit each point.

• The shape offers maximum adaptability, as it can be cut in any shape and size.

• The retaining pads fit the body and follow the movement of the skin for greater patient comfort.

• Transparent pads allow for wound tracking without the need to remove the patch.

• The hydrophilic nature of the transparent film adhesive and the retaining force in the retaining pad contribute to increased adhesion even in humid conditions.

• It is waterproof and impervious to liquids, bacteria and viruses.


The Securefix Kit PICC (PICC) has a special padding pad:

• Easier and quicker to apply than suture.

• Enables visibility of the exit point.

• Porous, latex-free, non-woven medical cloth with ph 6.6, for maximum safety and protection for the patient's skin.

• It covers OSHA guidelines for suture stabilization.


Recommended Apps

• Short peripheral and midline venous catheters.

• Central Venous Catheters (including Subclusive, Sphagitis, Femoral Vein and Peripheral Insertion Central Venous Catheters (PICC) catheters).

• Implanted Injection Assistants (subcutaneous gates).

• Dialysis catheters.

• Pulmonary artery catheters.

• Arterial catheters.

• Ephedrine catheters.

• Catheters with an insulin pump.

• Scalp Vein Butterflies.



Retention device

9 x 3.5cm,

Retention pad

10 x 12.25cm thick

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Με τη συγχρηματοδότηση της Ελλάδας και της Ευρωπαικής Ένωσης